Mother’s Day Gifts

In this post, we decided to do something different. We are going to give some ideas of how you can make a home made gift for your mother, by quilling! As a side note, if you’re getting into the world of crafting just now, you would benefit by reading more about Craft Organizers and tips on how to organize your crafts to get the most out of your creative efforts.

quillingQuilling is a historic papercraft technique that has many aspects to it and can always be adapted to modern designs, colour schemes and patterns. These Mother’s Day projects explore the unusual technique of wrapping paper coils with a second colour: there by outlining the coil to make it stand out and give it more presence in the design. It’s an easy idea as the coils are shaped with regular quilling techniques, then strip of paper is glued around the whole coil for the outline. The colour schemes can be changed to suit the recipient, of course, so get those quilling papers at the ready and have fun with it.

What You Will Need

  • Papers, quilling, 3mm: orange, red, yellow, pink, green.
  • Your quilling tool
  • Crimping tool
  • Picture frame, 22.5cm x 27.5cm
  • Card: light yellow, yellow
  • Gift bag, plain
  • Ribbon, orange
  • Foam pads, 3-D

Picture Frame

1 – Remove the glass from a picture frame and insert light yellow card into the mount, to fit an aperture measuring 14cm x 19cm. With a 40cm length of 3mm wide orange paper, crinkle the length with a crimping tool. Then, using a quilling tool, make a loose closed coil. Pinch both ends lightly. Take a crimped piece of yellow paper and wrap around the orange coil, then wind crinkled red paper around this. Make two more petals in this way. Glue all three together at the base, then coil the top of each shape.

2 – Glue this flower to the top-right of the yellow card, then adhere another flower made in the same way beneath. Take a 20cm length of green, coil one end for 5cm, then remove the tool for an open coil. Fix under the base of a flower, leaving the stem hanging. Repeat to make another, glue to the other side, then only adhere the two stems together at the top and base. Repeat for the other flower.

3 – To create small buds, make coils from 20cm lengths of orange paper. Pinch the coils lightly at one end to make a teardrop shape. Wrap each coil with a length of green, gluing in place and leaving a ‘tail’. Stick these together in clusters, joining all the tails together to become one stem. Adhere to the card.

4 – Make a loose closed coil from a 40cm length of pink. Pinch both ends to create an eye shape and wrap with green paper. Create seven more and glue to the yellow card. Finally, add lengths of green for extra stems and open coils.

Mother’s Day Card

1 – Mount light yellow card to a darker yellow blank. Crinkle a 20cm length of orange paper and make into a loose closed coil. Wrap this with crinkled red. Create another petal and glue the two together at the base. Coil the top of each petal with a quilling tool. Next, with a 5cm length of red paper, make a small coil. Pinch and glue to the top of the flower.

2 – With a 15cm length of green, make an open coil at one end and glue to the flower. Create another and stick to the other side. Make four of these flowers in total and glue to the yellow card. Coil and pinch pink paper, 20cm long, into a teardrop shape. Wrap with green an make five more. Fix to the card. Print and cut out a sentiment onto light yellow card, then adhere to the bottom-left of the blank using foam pads.


Gift Bag And Tag

1 – Make a coil from a 40cm length of pink crinkled paper, then wrap with red twice and coil the top. Create four more petals and glue together at the base, then attach to a gift bag. Make small buds from 20cm of yellow paper, pinched to teardrop shapes and wrapped in green.

2 – Pinch orange paper, 20cm, into eye shapes and wrap with green. Tie the stems with orange ribbon. Print and cut a sentiment onto light yellow.

That is it for today. Remember, crafting can be a fun and classy hobby or even a profession. I really advise you future or present crafters to organize your crafts in order to get the most out of your crafting endeavors!